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Longleaf Pine: A Tall Drink of Water

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Healthy, well-managed forests provide the cleanest water of any land use and help keep drinking water safe, reliable, and affordable.

Economic Benefits of Land Protection


Quantifying the economic benefits of the Savannah River watershed. Prepared by the Center for Watershed Protection. 

Economic Benefits Summary

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Evaluating the relationship between upstream land uses and downstream water quality and drinking water treatment costs.

Preserving Water Quality in the Savannah River


Protecting the Future of Drinking Water Supply. By Eric Krueger and Neil Jordan of the Nature Conservancy South Carolina Field Office.

Healthy Forests = Clean Water

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Goals, funding, and partners of the Southeastern Partnership for Forests and Water.

Healthy Forests and Drinking Water


The importance of healthy forests in providing safe drinking water. U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Southern Research Station.

Video Resources

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Are you a landowner?

You can help!

Landowners in the Savannah River Basin can help protect the river that so many people depend on. There are many resources available to landowners interested in improving their land or protecting their land with a conservation easement.